Webinar recap: Interim Status of EUREKA Test.EPS – 14th of March

On 13/03/2023, the webinar on our transnational EUREKA project Test.EPS took place.

Our team (Relindis Rott, Tibor Steve Simon, Jakob Reckenzaun, Patrick Luley, Thomas Schlömicher) presented the interim status, with a special focus on the testing and verification methods for automated vehicles, to more than 60 participants.

The project aims to certify automated vehicles and environmental perception systems (EPS) to ensure robust and safe operation of automated mobility in the future.
The team of experts provided insights into the various use cases for physical and virtual testing of comprehensive driving functions and vehicle perception.

The highlights of the webinar were:

  • certification approaches for valet parking driving functions
  • rule conformance for automated lane keeping systems
  • enhanced UHD® maps for virtual testing
  • connecting virtual and real worlds with AVL’s Analytic Cloud.

The webinar was a great opportunity to learn how the testing and verification methods can help ensure the safety and reliability of automated vehicles in the future.


Click here for the video EUREKA Test.EPS