How to turn powertrains in Commercial vehicles more lightweight, robust and cost-effective? How to improve driving comfort and safety?

28.6 m EUR · 05/2015 – 04/2018
Horizon 2020 · 26 partners
DAF Trucks, CRF/Fiat, ECS Steyr, Renault, ZF, etc.


Über das Projekt

The competitiveness of European road vehicle manufacturers and component suppliers is based on technological leadership, particularly on system optimisation and affordability. The challenge taken up by the ECOCHAMPS consortium of 26 partners, is to gain a leading position in hybrid powertrain technology. Extending the use of this technology will significantly reduce CO2 emissions from road transport and have a positive effect on air quality.

The overall objective of the ECOCHAMPS project is to achieve efficient, compact, low weight, robust and cost effective hybrid powertrains for both passenger cars and commercial vehicles (buses, medium duty and heavy duty trucks) with increased functionality, improved performance, comfort, functional safety and emission levels below Euro 6 or VI.