Evaluation and demonstration of an energy-efficient, cost-efficient and eco-friendly HVAC system using R744 through the ÖBB railjet

5,8 Mio. EUR · 03/2017 – 02/2022
FFG | 8 partners


Compared to conventional air conditioning systems, the eco2jet HVAC system is targeting two main goals:

  • increase in energy efficiency by at least 30% in real rail transport including a innovative heat pump function,
  • reduce greenhouse gas CO2 from energy production by 30%

The project results can be transferred to non-rail vehicles such as trucks, cars, agriculture machines or airplanes. Which have similar power requirements like eco2jet. So eco2jet will have a sustainable effect going far beyond the primary context of this project.

The industry-driven consortium of eco2jet includes relevant, internationally active partners that cover the full value chain for :

  • the development,
  • production,
  • integration and demonstration / operation of the HVAC system,
  • in a real train.

Project Leaflet