Design OptiMisation for efficient electric vehicles based on a USer-centric approach.

8.9 m EUR · 11/2017 – 04/2021
Horizon 2020 · 16 Partners
IDIADA, Toyota, VOLVO, Denso, frauenhofer, FIAT, etc.

Über das Projekt

The DOMUS project aims to change radically the way in which vehicle passenger compartments and their respective comfort control systems are designed so as to optimise energy use and efficiency while keeping user comfort and safety needs central. Although a more thorough understanding of thermal comfort over recent years has led to significant increases in energy efficincy through better insulation and natural ventilation, substantial room for improvement still exists. With Electric Vehicles (EVs) in particular, which are emerging as the most sustainable option for both satisfying the futer mobility needs in Europe and reducing the impact on the environment, inefficiencies must be minimized due to their detrimental effect on the range.