New Living-Innovation-Lab Call

The LIVING INNOVATION LAB funds SMEs, startups and enterprises to experiment and innovate with new technologies. With this initiative, VIRTUAL VEHICLE facilitates the transfer of knowledge – from academia to industry and the development of highly innovative product solutions. It initiates open calls for experiment proposals to expand and strengthen the transfer of technical capabilities and making innovative solutions, platforms, and data available for experimentation.

Currently, a new call is available regarding DevOps for ADAS Software, Systems Engineering and Simulation. The addressed scope should be an extension of classical DevOps methodologies and tools to be better suited for systems engineering and embedded systems and simulations. The scope of targeted experiments is broad, possible experiments could target the automatic deployment of software on hardware and vehicles, development of computer aided risk analysis or the improvement of usability of existing services to enable better usage for non-experts.

For more information, read all details of the call here.