“DATA.BEAM” is a successful development of VIRTUAL VEHICLE – a small measuring device that enables wireless recording and preprocessing of sensor data. Thanks to wireless technology in measurement data acquisition, the tool can be easily installed on the test vehicle and enables faster data evaluation, which can also reduce costs. DATA.BEAM takes into account new developments in the field of reliable sensor networks and wireless time synchronization and, due to its high flexibility in the acquisition of measured variables, it can be used in complex scenarios.

For example, during a test, localization using RTK-GPS can be carried out in addition to analog sensors, and data from complex USB, Ethernet or CAN bus devices can also be recorded. For longer measurement campaigns, an LTE internet connection supports communication with a server for continuous data transmission. In addition to a web interface, a programming interface allows integration into existing systems, test benches and work processes – whereby the basic functionality is always available as a stand-alone solution. The sensor platform can be used for laboratory or test bench use cases, but is also suited for vehicle tests and tests in the rail sector.


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Features of the Data Acquisition Platform

  • compact, modular design
  • external- or battery-powered
  • synchronous wireless sensor acquisition
  • multi-hop capable WSN technology
  • multifunctional (measure, process, store and transfer data)
  • autonomous operation
  • multiple extension modules readily available
  • adaptive: easily create modules with new functionality
  • scalable, open software framework (Docker, Python, REST-API)

Use-Cases for Single DAQ-Unit

  • vehicle fleet analysis
  • long-term measurements
  • automated measurements
  • edge-computing / data processing on device
  • V2X communication experiments
  • direct cloud upload via LTE connection
  • combine multiple data sources in single measurement

Use-Cases for Synchronous Wireless Sensor Network

  • synchronous measurement on distant/moving locations
  • distributed high-speed / -precision measurement


Dr. Bernhard Brandstätter

Inffeldgasse 21a, 8010 Graz, Austria

Phone:+43 316 873 9001

Mail: bernhard.brandstaetter@v2c2.at

Peter Sammer

Inffeldgasse 21a. 8010 Graz, Austria

Phone: +43 316 873 9030

Mail: peter.sammer@v2c2.at