Concept Development to Support Industrial Change Processes and Tangibility of New Approaches for Technology and Product Development Based on Serious Game Methodology or Alternatives



Efficient Development and lifecycle integration are one central research focus at VIRTUAL VEHICLE Research Center. Research activities deal with approaches for future development of complex products within a volatile environment. Radically new approaches are required to handle raising complexity and dynamic of requirements and boundary conditions of market and society, as well as changing ways of collaboration inside and between companies.

Related change processes must be regarded and designed. They must consider not only technology and methods, but also organization, processes and mind-set of the involved people. Especially, technological approaches with a highly integrating characteristic can offer their potential only after relevant boundary conditions have been prepared.


  • Detect and develop adequate pedagogic-didactic methods and approaches to support industrial automotive environment to make decision strategic processes and future methodical approaches tangible and to guide change processes
  • Detect and regard boundary conditions from the volatile environment and the flexible, agile approaches to handle change processes
  • Developed didactic methods shall be easily adaptable to enable flexible reaction on changing requirements and experience
  • Relevant focus aspects
    – Involving employees, convincing, reducing fear
    – Detect and analyse status quo, reflect, derive common attitude
    – Develop adequate culture and soft skills, develop self-responsibility

In the proposal for PhD funding, scientific institutions describe:

  • The scientific ability and (if necessary) the required infrastructure to scientifically guide and supervise the PhD candidate
  • The research plan and the focus for the advertised thesis
  • The publication and dissemination plan
  • The teaching plan (courses, trainings, etc.) for the doctoral studies
  • Planned supporting master’s and bachelor theses
  • Total costs of the PhD thesis as well as requested total amount of financial contribution from VIRTUAL VEHICLE (note: adequacy of costs is a major decision criterion)
  • The application comprises the scientific CV of the PhD candidate and the supervising professor at the scientific institution

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