Round table on climate-neutral mobility 2040

Climate-neutral mobility by 2040 – can this be achieved? The railway system and the networking of vehicles and infrastructure play a decisive role. Here, know-how from Austria is in demand internationally: in 20 years, VIRTUAL VEHICLE has developed into a central player for Green Digital Mobility. Europe’s largest research centre for virtual vehicle development shows how sustainable mobility can succeed. Key topics such as Digital Twin Networks or system simulation enable innovative technologies for a climate-neutral mobility system.

At a press-conference and a round-table in Vienna, VIRTUAL VEHICLE analysed these central questions together with with experts for the entire rail and road system and road, including the necessary infrastructure. The podium and auditorium were composed of relevant representatives from politics, industry and science. The discussion was led by VIRTUAL VEHICLE supported by A3PS – Austrian Association for Advanced Propulsion Systems.

Guests at the press conference were Jost Bernasch (CEO VIRTUAL VEHICLE), Horst Bischof (vice rector TU Graz), Emmanuel Glenck (Bereichsleiter Thematische Programme, FFG); Rupert Pichler (Abteilungsleiter Forschungs- und Technologieförderung, BMK) and Stefan Rohringer (Leiter Entwicklungszentrum Graz, Infineon Technologies Austria AG). Joining the round table were Angela Berger (Geschäftsführerin, Verband der Bahnindustrie), Horst Bischof (Vizerektor, TU Graz), Jochen Holzfeind (Chief Technical Officer , voestalpine Railway Systems), Jaqueline Matijevic (Abteilungsleiterin Mobilitäts- und Verkehrstechnologien, BMK), Kurt Strommer (Head of Product Management and R&D, Siemens Mobility Austria GmbH) and Karin Tausz (Head of Corporate Development, ÖBB Infrastruktur AG).