During the development process of a Battery Management System (BMS) a lot of testing is required. Working with a full battery pack might be dangerous due to the high voltages involved, and furthermore, simulating several safety related scenarios are difficult to simulate in a safe way.

The BMS Tester fully replaces the need for a battery pack and measurement hardware during the development process and thus removes the safety risks associated with batteries.

It allows to change the measured cell voltages, temperatures and additional voltages at any time with any desired value. This allows to simulate a wide array of and failure modes such as: under/overvoltage, partial measurement failures, high temperatures and wire breaks.
Additionally, normal operating conditions such as charging, balancing and discharging can be tested very quickly by changing the simulated cell voltages of the BMS Tester.

BMS-HiL Testing

  • Virtual battery pack emulation
  • Cell voltages and temperatures
  • Residual bus simulation
  • Protocol/Handshake/CRC implementation
  • Protocol fault injection

We offer:

  • Analysis of BMS HW target-platform
  • Setup test configuration
  • Protocol implementation
  • Testing of BMS functions
  • Data/measurement post processing and reporting


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