The use of the software is only permitted under the license terms of the licensor, Virtual Vehicle Research GmbH.

Third-party software is supplied with the software, which is additionally and primarily subject to separate license conditions.


Software Licenses

The third-party software and the corresponding licenses are listed here:

Python 3.9.6 – Runtime environment (Python Software Foundation License Version 2)
WXPython  –  Bridge  to  Windows-GUI  und  controls (wxWindows  Library  Licence,  similar  toLGPL)

Wxasync–asyncio-Support for WXPython (MIT-Licence)
PySerial – Access to serial interface, incl. USB (BSD-3-Clause)

xlrd – Access Excel-data (BSD-similar license)

Watchdog – Watching for file modifications, Autoupdate Feature
(Apache License version 2)


Firmware Licenses

The device firmware uses the following third-party licenses:

CMSIS – ARM Based Micro-controller Abstraction layer (Apache License 2.0)

CMSIS Device (ST-Microelectronics) – ST-Microelectronics STM32F4 specific definitions (ApacheLicense 2.0)

STM32F4 HAL – Micro-controller Hardware Abstraction Layer (BSD-3-Clause)

Middleware FreeRTOS MCU Component (MIT open source license)
Newlib – C library for embedded systems (Various licenses)

GCC runtime libraries(libstdc++) – Various libraries and files included by the Compiler (GPL-3 with gcc runtime library exception)

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