Advancing user acceptance of general purpose hybridized vehicle by improve cost and efficiency.

12.7 m EUR · 04/2017 – 03/2019
Horizon 2020 · 22 Partners
Volvo, AVL, Fiat, Frauenhofer, GM, Infineon, TU Aaachen, atc.

Über das Projekt

ADVICE aims at increasing the numbers of HEVs and P-HEVs up to 10% of all vehicles registered in the mid-term range. This will be achieved by focusing on a market segment called „premium class„, which covers medium class over upper medium class up to luxury vehicles and to SUVs. This segment is facing severe problems in reaching the more and more severe European CO2 targets, when running on fossil fuel only, not the least due to the considerable vehicle weight.

In ADVICE three physical demonstrator vehicles are built, ranging from mild-hybrid to full plug-in hybrid and – concerning fuel type – from gasoline to diesel-driven.

In addition, it will be shown that the whole range in between these demonstrator vehicles can be well covered by means of validated simulation, yielding a complete coverage of the whole “premium class” segment.

Besides fulfilling the energy efficiency and emission requirements of the call and limiting premium cost to 5% with respect to the best in-class non-hybrid diesel (and 15% premium for a P-HEV), particular attention is devoted to optimum drivability and drive performance, which are essential when purchasing a “premium class” vehicle and thus crucial to achieve the market penetration aimed at.