About the SimCP Workshop

Silicon-based anodes for Lithium-ion cells: Benefits and challenges

Digital Workshop organized by VIRTUAL VEHICLE 

16th November 2021 | 09:30 -13:30 Central European Time (CEST) | Webinar (MS Teams)

Silicon is a promising candidate to replace the state-of-the-art material graphite as anode material in lithium-ion cells in the near future. Silicon shows a very high specific capacity for storing lithium ions and will therefore increase the energy density of cells and, in further consequence, the range of battery electric vehicles. On the downside, this material suffers from large volume changes upon lithiation which leads to a faster cell degradation, and still impedes its full commercialisation.

In the workshop, different aspects of this material class will be presented and discussed in a series of expert talks highlighting its benefits and the current challenges. The event can be joined free of charge by filling out the registration form.



The workshop “Silicon-based anodes for lithium-ion cells: Benefits and challenges” is an MS Teams event. Participation is free of charge for everyone, but registration is required. Please fill-up the following info, send it, and join us!