Alpbach: Latest sensor technology for automated driving presented

At this year’s “Technologiegespräche in Alpbach from 23-25th of August 2018, VIRTUAL VEHICLE and Infineon are showing two demonstrators at the innoregio styria booth:

Within a vehicle model (format 1: 5) the problem of the environmental perception of an autonomous vehicle is explained. For this purpose, the functionality of two sensors (radar and time of flight camera), which are increasingly used in the automotive sector are explained. Measurement principles, as well as advantages and disadvantages of both technologies are shown. On the one hand, the two technologies should be brought closer to the visitor, on the other hand, it should also be shown that only an interaction of several different sensors can make “autonomous driving” possible.

The second demonstrator shows a LiDAR sensor developed by Infineon. It scans the surroundings with a laser beam and creates a complete 3D image in this way. Infineon’s proprietary oscillating micromirror approach enables the LiDAR sensor to quickly detect high-resolution, distant objects. Because the mirror is made from a single silicon crystal, it can work without wear, ensuring high durability and robustness against vibration and shock – a necessity in the automotive environment.

The VIRTUAL VEHICLE Automated Drive Demonstrator (ADD) is waiting in front of the entrance of the Congress Center – a research vehicle for automated driving that is so far unique in Austria. The open research platform with its clearly defined and open interfaces enables the integration and evaluation of new sensor technologies and artificial intelligence algorithms. Especially for the presentation in Alpbach the ADD was equipped with four time-of-flight camera prototypes.

FFG Managing Director Henrietta Egerth and Styrian Wirtschafts-Landesrätin Mag. Eibinger-Miedl informed themselves about the current status of developments on advanced driver assistance systems and autonomously driving vehicles.

Dr. Jost Bernasch, Managing Director of VIRTUAL VEHICLE: “We are currently involved in more than 30 Europe-wide projects and as the COMET Center of Excellence for Digital Mobility, we are closely connected with over 100 industry and science partners worldwide. At the Technology Days in Alpbach, using the example of innovative sensor networks, we will be demonstrating how “Steiermarks” international expertise is focused – from the development of leading global technology and complex systems to the testing of complete systems. ”

Stefan Rohringer, Vice President of Infineon Design Center Graz: “With Radar, LiDAR and 3D cameras, as well as the ‘intelligent’ tire, Infineon develops all the sensors necessary for advanced driver assistance systems and autonomous vehicles. As a result, Infineon is uniquely positioned in a globally dynamic and strongly growing market. Infineon plays a leading role in shaping the future of mobility.


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