VIRTUAL VEHICLE and Valeo developed and investigated together a refrigeration system using phase change material as a storage medium to
Refrigerant Cycle with Latent Heat Storage for Battery Cooling
Development of a combined multiphysics simulation model, as well as improved short-circuit prediction of Li-ion cells.
TRI-STATE Thermal Safety for Battery Systems
Highly automated driving promises more safety and a variety of new mobility offers....
Merging vehicle sensor data with safety-related data to innovate traffic risk prediction.
D-TRAS Digital Platform for Traffic Safety-Risk Prediction
Integration of flexible bodies in multi-body systems
Siemens Railway Engineering Award for the Master Thesis of Georg Prinz
Mainly focused on the fluid cooperation of internal and external Human-Machine Interfaces.
The research on innovating battery production.
greenSPEED: Innovating Battery Production
Digital Automatic Coupling
Shift2Rail Project DACcelerate
März 2023 | Living Gender Equality at VIRTUAL VEHICLE
Gender Equality at VIRTUAL VEHICLE Research Center
Feb 2023 | Electrical Engineer Elena Blazhevska chats with us about being a women in science.
About the Fun of Solving Problems
Feb 2023 | Electrical Engineer Elena Blazhevska chats with us about being a women in science.
Girls in Science? Go for it!
Nov 2022 | The Virtual Validation for Certification (VVC) project aims to introduce simulation-based methods to the railway vehicle authorization
Virtual Validation for Certification of Railway Vehicle Braking Performance Through Credible Simulation
Oktober 2018 | Battery Integration
Crash & NVH optimized Electrified Vehicles
September 2018 | Guest Contribution
Legal Questions Concerning Video Recordings
September 2018 | VRU Protection
AD ready: Future occupant protection
Aug 2018 | Agile Software Development
Future model-based systems engineering
Jun 2018 | Living Innovation Lab
Innovation Demonstration for market uptake
Jun 2018 | ATZ technical article
Noise of seatbelt retractors
Apr 2018 | Interview Dr. Jan Becker
The history of the future
Jan 2018 | Open Experimentation