About the Round Table

Ethics & Legal Challenges of Automated Driving in Europe

Organized by VIRTUAL VEHICLE   

March 2nd, 2021

09:30 till 11:00 AM (CET)  

Remote Event via MS Teams

Once a vision from a distant future, new Level3 Autonomous Vehicles have become a reality – yet only from a technical point of view. A legal and normative solution for self-driving Level3 cars on a pan-European scale is overdue. To understand the problem and shortcomings, VIRTUAL VEHICLE has invited experts from various areas to join a round-table discussion. We look forward to an AI-mobility debate between law, ethics, industry, product assessment, and the insurance industry.

Round Table Members


Florian Bogenberger

  • Principal safety engineer at Exida
  • Interests: AI-mobility product assessment
Javier Ealo

Javier Ealo

  • Senior Manager of Strategy, Business Development, Solutions and Cross Selling Europe at Bosch
  • Interests: Expert in New Mobility


  • Attorneys-at-Law
  • Interests: Automation, Digitalization & New Technologies: Safety, Security & Liability
  • Picture by Dimo Dimov

Dieter Pscheidl

  • VIG European affairs
  • Interests: European politics and regulation on financial services, sustainability, mobility, digitalization

Emilia Tantar

  • Chief Data and Artificial Intelligence Officer, Black Swan LUX
  • Interests: responsible AI, explainable AI, standardization in AI


From different perspectives, we will discuss the challenges and solutions for autonomous vehicles in Europe. Some of the topics will be:

  • Europe is too slow: The European Union is making insufficient progress in the competition with China and the USA, and on another side, Europe has more top AI researchers per million inhabitants than the USA and China combined. Where is the problem? And when will we have the solution in the EU? How to speed up the process?
  • Standardization: Is global geographical and global time standardization in the EU possible? And which level of standardization is necessary?
  • Responsibility: Do we need to assign responsibility to somebody since the machine cannot be responsible reliable (see figure below)?


Jelena Rubesa-Zrim

Jelena Rubesa-Zrim

  • Lead Researcher at VIRTUAL VEHICLE
  • Interests: optimization and control theory, model reduction, battery management system, statistics and data analysis, machine learning



Matthias Scharrer

  • Senior Researcher VIRTUAL VEHICLE
  • Interests: Simulation and modelling, data science, electric mobility, lean and agile development

Guest expert


Paolo Pretto

  • Key Researcher VIRTUAL VEHICLE
  • Interests: human-like driving automation, driving simulation, human factors in driving and AI


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