Acoustic Meta-Materials for Transport Applications

Acoustic metamaterials are man-made composites enabling new degrees of freedom in the control of acoustic fields. By periodically arranging mass and stiffness elements on a sub-wavelength scale new materials can be built. When considered as uniform (homogenised) materials these meta-materials may exhibit apparent negative density and/or modulus.


Tender Information

  • State of the art study, latest trends in meta-materials for transportation applications
  • Theory on absorption, deflection and reflection of meta-surfaces
  • Theory on other relevant physical principles
  • Development of calculation models for meta-surfaces
  • Virtual design of thin-film meta-materials with broadband absorption coefficients including low frequencies
  • Prototype production for high absorbing thin film meta-materials (“3D printing”)
  • Laboratory experiments and possibilities for industrialization (road and rail industry)
  • Development of efficient and reliable modeling- and simulation methods for acoustic meta-materials

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  • Planned supporting master’s and bachelor theses
  • Total costs of the PhD thesis as well as requested total amount of financial contribution from VIRTUAL VEHICLE (note: adequacy of costs is a major decision criterion)
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