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Vehicle localization for autonomous driving applications

Master Project/Master Thesis (Ref.Nr. E_077)


Autonomous driving is an important future topic in the automotive industry. The development of an algorithm for precise position determination of a vehicle robot, is one of the crucial problems for achieving fully autonomous driving. Various sensors have different advantages and disadvantages. Using multiple different sensors enables exploiting advantages of all, but it introduces the problem of how to effectivelly handle so much data. Sensor fusion enables to combine readings from many sensors for a single usable information. In this project, the task of the student is to develop an accurate and reliable algorithm to determine the position of a moving vehicle robot in real-time. The algorithm should exploit indoor localization using low-power wireless radios together with data from state-of-the art sensors such as odometry, accelerometer, gyroscope, and compass. The developed sensor fusion system should provide reliable and precise information about the vehicles’ position and orientation and should serve as a starting point for developing future autonomous driving techniques.

Your duties and responsibilities:

  • Identification of sensor characteristics
  • Developing a sensor fusion algorithm for vehicle localization
  • Developing a calibration procedure
  • Implementation on real-time computational unit

What we expect:

  • Study field: Telematics, Technical Informatics, Electrical Eng., Mathematics, Automotive, etc.
  • Knowledge of C++, Matlab or ROS
  • Interest in work with hardware
  • Enthusiasm and engagement
  • Good command of English

What we offer:

  • Technical support in field of “autonomous driving”
  • Work on hardware prototype.
  • Work in a committed, dynamic team
  • Financial remuneration

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