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Cross Innovation: Wood meets Vehicle Technology

Did you know that wood is a light-weight material that has outstanding strength, stiffness and stability with...

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The Dangerous Uncertainty: Dissertation in the Area of Automated Driving

Michael Hartmann, Ph.D. student at VIRTUAL VEHICLE, does research on motion planning of autonomous vehicles...


TrustVehicle - The Car to Trust

Automated driving technologies promise more comfort and road safety. Nevertheless, end-users are very unsettled by...

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Human-machine cooperation - Project start at VIRTUAL VEHICLE

In December, VIRTUAL VEHICLE, together with an Austrian industrial consortium, was awarded the contract for the...


iCOMPOSE: Low Energy Consumption achieved by computational perception

For three years, VIRTUAL VEHICLE was in charge of the project iCOMPOSE. The project completed by the end of 2016,...


eLiQuiD concluded: Promoting multidisciplinary junior scientists

A solid, multidisciplinary combination of NVH, lightweight design and electrification of the powertrain - this is...


SemI40 strengthens Europe's economy through the "Learning Factory"

VIRTUAL VEHICLE Research Center is research partner in the research project SemI40, in which 37 partners from five...


Ph.D. student receives Hans List Fund

Supporting master and Ph.D. theses is one of the main objectives of the VIRTUAL VEHICLE. It is particularly...

[Translate to English:] OPTEMUS General Assembly Meeting in Graz, 12. – 13. September 2016

Electromobility: Intelligent energy management for increased range

How to significantly increase the range of electric vehicles and what role optimised energy management will play...

Automated Driving

Available now: New book on Automated Driving

Automated driving from the viewpoint of academia and from industrial perspective: A new book, edited by Daniel...

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