Virtual Vehicle

Testing & Validation

Thermo & Fluid Dynamics

Übergreifend über alle Bereiche der Area Thermo & Fluid Dynamics führt die Arbeitsgruppe "Testing and Validation" anspruchsvolle Messaufgaben, sowohl im Rahmen des K2-Förderprogramms als auch als Dienstleister für externe Auftraggeber durch.

Core competencies

  • construction of non-standard test beds
  • realization of measurements set-ups and monitoring systems
  • software development and implementation of mathematical methods
  • development of data acquisition systems (VIFDAQ)

Professional labs and facilities for our customers

  • Test bed for cooling components
  • Vibration test bed
  • Test bed for investigations on selective catalytic reduction (SCR)


  • air flow through engine compartment
    • development of sensors (ViFProbes)
  • ViFDAQ
    • miniaturized data acquisition system

  • Measurement of aerodynamic parameters of bridge models

  • Roadside measurement

    • influence of vehicle weight and speed for bridge lifetime

    • long time monitoring of traffic

  • Aerodynamic parameter of a base jumper

    • wind tunnel and real life measurements of aerodynamic coefficients


  • Three-dimensional force measurement of climbing hold

    • no external cables