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Thermo & Fluid Dynamics

Thermo & Fluid Dynamics

The area "Thermo & Fluid Dynamics" adopts a holistic view of the thermal and fluid issues in and around the "vehicle" system. The simulation and validation of thermodynamic processes leads to a reduction of energy consumption, lower emissions and cost efficiency in vehicle development. The general procedure in this area is to create different sub-models (e.g. flow and heat transfer models) and then couple them with each other so as to merge the individual parts into a comprehensive numerical model. For future mobility concepts with increased electrification, the thermodynamic focus will shift from the engine to the thermal conditioning of the battery, electric motor, power electronics, and, in particular, the interior of the cabin. The co-existence of simulation and experimental testing with a coordinated data exchange between these two worlds is essential for the research work.

The work of the area Thermo & Fluid Dynamics is divided into four areas:

  • Aerodynamics & 3D Simulation.
  • Thermal Management & 1D Simulation
  • Mobile Air Conditioning
  • Internal Combustion Concepts

The group "Testing and Validation" supports the implementation of all four topics mentioned above.


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