Virtual Vehicle

Rail Systems

[Translate to English:] Relevante Aspekte im System Bahn


To further develop the railway system as a whole, it is necessary to deepen the  knowledge in each area of expertise. Therefore we tackle elastic vehicle components for structural dynamics, creep-force characteristic models for vehicle dynamics or superstructure models for track short-time dynamics.

The knowledge of vehicle, track and it’s interaction enables the successful description and assessment of the long-term behaviour such as rolling contact fatigue and wear as well as of track position and level changes. This results in knowledge-based strategies for the optimised development of vehicle, track and maintenance.


Increasing the commercial viability of rail road traffic – this is the goal of Shift2Rail, a 920 Million Euro public-private-partnership between European Union and its railroad sector. The VVAC+ („Virtual Vehicle Austria Consortium+“) is one of only 19 European consortia and partners selected to participate in Shift2Rail. The consortium of 13 partners has been allocated 21 Million Euros over a six-year period and will be headed by the VIRTUAL VEHICLE. [mehr...]