Virtual Vehicle

Integrated Vehicle Development


To meet the current and future challenges facing the automotive industry (e.g. e-mobility, integrated safety), an interdisciplinary approach is essential. More than ever before, the emphasis is shifting to the cross-domain design and optimization of systems.

These tasks require strong collaboration and networking between specialized research areas. The research department "Integrated Vehicle Development" is the result of the continuous evolution of the VIRTUAL VEHICLE organization to meet these demands.

Combining the Fields of Expertise

The research department „Integrated Vehicle Development“ focuses on the integrative development of vehicles and systems from an interdisciplinary perspective and expertise. To this end, the experts and competences of the existing areas Areas „Information & Process Management“, „Mechanics & Materials“ und „Cross Domain“ are integrated based on their concrete research tasks, and interdisciplinary teams are assembled. The research department „Integrated Vehicle Development“ consists of the four work groups „Integrated Safety“, „Materials & Forming Technologies“, „Information Management“ and „Cross-Enterprise Processes and Methods“.

Bringing together these fields of expertise will create new synergies and chances and will further increase the overall performance of the research center. Some examples would be the growing importance of a closer combination of Smart Engineering and Production, the increased application of methods and processes (Systems Engineering, Data- and Information Management, ...) as well as dealing with human- and driver models (incl. mental models) including Human Factors in a comprehensive way.  Also, the inter-disciplinary cooperation with other departments should be strengthened.
Finally, the topic „Virtualization“ of development can be intensived by a closer interaction of modeling, simulation and process.