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E/E & Software

E/E & Software

The Area Electrics/Electronics (E/E) & Software at the VIRTUAL VEHICLE explores and develops new methods and tools to support efforts in the vehicle, rail and aircraft industries to address a variety of challenges. For example, the area deals with the model-based design of embedded systems, active and functional safety, real-time modeling and real-time coupling, multi-core systems, modern control strategies, "residual vehicle simulation" and component models with improved prediction capability.

Each individual theme of the research landscape contributes significantly to a long-term target - namely, representing the functions and properties of the cyber-physical, mechatronic and electrochemical systems, as well as their interactions in the electrified, hybrid and electric vehicle through various levels of abstraction.

The following main themes can be found in Area E/E and Software:

  • Embedded Systems and Functional Safety
  • Battery Simulation, Testing and Modeling of Aging Processes
  • Electrification of Components
  • Multi-Domain Simulation - Coupled Simulation
  • Model Predictive Control
  • Real-time Systems
  • Multi-core Systems and Wireless Technologies
  • (Embedded) Software Development and Software Variability


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