Virtual Vehicle

K2 Digital Mobility confirmed

VIRTUAL VEHICLE is proud to announce that its project proposal "K2 Digital Mobility - Context-Embedded Vehicle Technologies" was successfully approved by the Austrian Federal Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology, the Federal Ministry of Science, Research and Economy and the Austrian funding agency FFG. The new COMET K2 Excellence Research Programme integrated in the VIRTUAL VEHICLE Research Center will start in January 2018. A total project volume of € 48 million until 2021 is expected.

The importance of digitalisation in the vehicle industry has grown significantly within the last ten years. The shift towards a connected vehicle and a digital value chain with new business models raises unprecedented challenges and demands for vehicle developers.

Linkage of the vehicle and digital industry

The recently approved COMET K2 project at VIRTUAL VEHICLE emphasise a closer cooperation between the vehicle and the digital industry, in order to mutually face the emerging challenges of digital mobility. Disruptive digitalisation, human-centered design, and context-embedded vehicle technologies will be the core elements of the Center’s upcoming research activities within K2.
"We put great efforts in and worked very hard for our innovative and forward-looking concept. Now, we are highly motivated and look forward to starting a new era of vehicle development in 2018.", says Jost Bernasch, CEO of VIRTUAL VEHICLE.

Press conference on June 26, 2017

More information and future perspectives of the new competence center "Digital Mobility" will be presented at a press conference on June 26, 2017.

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