Virtual Vehicle

Powertrain Test Bed

Test Bed Specifications


Length: 7,20 m

Width: 3,96 m

Height: 4,50 m

Semi-Anechoic chamber according to DIN 45635:

Lowest frequency limit: 100 Hz

Engine and break specifications:

max. performance: 400 kW
max. break speed: 2500 rpm
max. break torque: 3200 Nm


Combustion Engine + front/rear or 4 wheel drive
Electrical Engine + front/rear or 4 wheel drive

Test Equipment

LMS Test.Lab for the analysis and data acquisition of acoustical and vibrational quantities (32 channels)

AVL Indimaster for cylinder pressure indications (over Grad kW)

Rotation laser vibrometer for torsional vibrations

AVL PUMA for test bed control and for the identification of engine operating values

HBM torque flanges with high accuracy for efficiency measurements

Acoustic Holography (LMS-System)

Fields of Application

  • Running mode analysis for power train units
  • Noise radiation analysis of power train components
  • Investigation of vibration and noise radiation of exhaust systems
  • Orifice noise of exhaust systems
  • Noise analysis on auxiliary units
  • Analysis of torsional vibrations on power train unit, with Excitation by highly dynamic electric motor or by fired engine
  • Efficiency measurements
  • Durability tests