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Thesis Award of SEW-EURODRIVE-Foundation

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In June 2017, the SEW-EURODRIVE-Foundation granted its annual thesis awards for the fields of electrical engineering, mechanical engineering and economics. One of the distinguished students is Johannes Rumetshofer, who wrote his master’s thesis on a research project at the VIRTUAL VEHICLE in 2015.

As part of the COMET K2 project „GECCO“, Johannes Rumetshofer extensively dealt with modeling and regulating automotive power trains. Taking his research as a basis, he titled his master’s thesis „Model-based control of a switching linear multibody system“. The result of his work was a detailed theoretical model of the power train as a mechanical multi-body system. He also considered regulatory aspects, such as state transformations and stability of feedback control. Going further, he used his research to develop a concrete concept for a given hybrid transmission.

Mr. Rumetshofer was awarded the "Thesis Award 2016" of the SEW-EURODRIVE-Foundation and received a prize money of EUR 2,500. His research was scientifically supervised by Prof. Martin Horn (Institute for Control and Automation Technology, Graz University of Technology).

We congratulate Mr. Rumetshofer on his success and wish him all the best for his next mile stone - his dissertation on „Modellierung, Analyse und modellbasierte Regelung von Multimode-Hybridgetrieben“, which he will also create at the VIRTUAL VEHICLE and in cooperation with Graz University of Technology.


The thesis award of the SEW-EURODRIVE-Foundation is awarded annually to master's and diploma students in the fields of electrical engineering, mechanical engineering and economics. Winners are determined by the foundation together with institutes supervising the students work. SEW-EURODRIVE GmbH & Co KG was founded in the 1930s in Germany and is a world market leader in the field of geared motors.