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Smart Wireless Solutions: EU Project "DEWI" provides Innovations for a Wireless Future

A wide variety of different applications of wireless sensor networks and wireless communication: The project results of DEWI were presented in Graz at the end of April. (c) VIRTUAL VEHICLE

For three years, 58 European industry and research partners from 11 countries conducted research under the leadership of VIRTUAL VEHICLE in order to strengthen Europe's leading position in the fields of Embedded Systems and Internet of Things. This April, the results of the project DEWI (Dependable Embedded Wireless Infrastructure) were presented in Graz. There was a wide variety of different applications of wireless sensor networks and wireless communication; from a research rocket to building, vehicle or railway technology demonstrators, up to a fully networked truck.

DEWI Press Information

Only a few years ago, we were probably speaking about science fiction. Today, it is already reality in its approach and will be a part of our future lives: Wireless systems that are embedded in buildings, machines, cars, railways and airplanes.

DEWI: Dependable Embedded Wireless Infrastructure

The basic idea of DEWI is to create a dependable, intelligent and networked environment as a support for the human being, whether it is in private or professional life. Our world is equipped with sensors, actuators, controllers, displays and computer-based elements. All these are closely linked in their function and are integrated into ordinary everyday objects. However, many existing wireless solutions are not yet sophisticated enough to replace wired solutions on the market. This is why DEWI focuses on industrial and user needs.

Over the past 36 months more than 500 researchers have developed wireless sensor networks and applications for professional and private users. During the final project meeting and an open technology day in Graz, the research partners presented innovations and specific solutions for more than 20 industry-driven applications in the fields of automotive, railway, aviation and building technology/infrastructure.

Convincing project results

So far, DEWI is the largest EU project in the history of VIRTUAL VEHICLE. “The present project results have even exceeded our high expectations. We were able to demonstrate the great advantages of intelligent wireless systems with a large number of concrete demonstrators: Reduced weight, simple and cost-effective system updates, increased flexibility and re-configurability, or reduced installation costs are just a few examples. We were also able to achieve significantly higher reliability and operational safety in all applications, which is a key to the acceptance of wireless systems on the market.", Dr. Werner Rom says, who is DEWI Project Coordinator at the VIRTUAL VEHICLE Research Center.

Despite the successful completion of the DEWI project, there is still a lot of open tasks to be done. Therefore, an upcoming project called “SCOTT” focuses on cyber security, data protection and increased trust in wireless solutions to walk the "last mile to the market". SCOTT will be headed by VIRTUAL VEHICLE, too.