Virtual Vehicle

Funded by Hans List Fonds: Dissertation on Electrohydraulic Systems

Wolfgang Ebner receives Hans List Fonds

Wolfgang Ebner, researcher at the VIRTUAL VEHICLE, is one of the winners of this year's Hans List Fonds. He received an amount of 5,000 euros to promote his PhD thesis.

In memory of its founder, Prof. Dr. Hans List, AVL List GmbH supports outstanding master and PhD theses that deal with the development of internal combustion engines and powertrain technology. (More about Hans List Fonds)

Wolfgang Ebner, researcher in the field of Control Systems at the VIRTUAL VEHICLE, is among the winners and received an amount of 5,000 euros for his dissertation.

The title of is work is "A model-based approach for the design and control of an optimized electrohydraulic system for automatic transmissions ". His goal is to improve the efficiency of the powertrain, in order to reduce emissions.

We warmly congratulate Mr. Ebner and wish him every success for the completion of his work!

Photo: AVL