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FACTS4WORKERS: Industry 4.0 on the Road

Since December 2014, the VIRTUAL VEHICLE Research Center coordinates the HORIZON-2020-Project FACTS4WORKERS - an initiative for further developing information and communication technologies for so-called "Smart Factories”. Already during the first semester of the project, the VIRTUAL VEHICLE and its 14 European project partners were actively spreading the content and goals of the 8-million-Euro project in the emerging Industry 4.0 community.

Producing enterprises increasingly migrate from Europe high-wage regions to so-called "best-cost countries". The European industry is required to counteract this trend and to develop intelligent value-added concepts in the production area. Keywords, such as Industry 4.0, Production of the Future or Smart Factories have found their way into expert circles.

People in focus

The project FACTS4WORKERS deals with these issues and puts people at the center of future-orientated production concepts. The aim is to make working at production sites more attractive and to encourage the competitiveness of European industries. More information

Active in the community

Already in the first months of the project, the experts from Graz were very active presenting the ideas and objectives of the project to a broad audience. Up to now, the VIRTUAL VEHICLE reported 20 times on the future-oriented EU project: From presentations at conferences and journal articles, over social media activities and press releases up to radio interviews.

First results

Until the end of the FACTS4WORKERS project in fall 2018, many research work and activities are scheduled. A detailed report on the first project results with real case studies will already appear in late October 2015 in the special issue "Industry 4.0" (Journal „HMD Praxis der Wirtschaftsinformatik“, Springer Verlag).

News and further information at the FACTS4WORKERSs website


HIGHLIGHTS of the community activities

  • 4th Kremser Wissensmanagement-Tage, April 2015, Krems
    M. Wilfling and W.Unzeitig presented with their lecture "Human-centric ICT in Smart Factories" the four industrial challenges: Assisted machine operator, knowledge management for the Shop-floor, self-learning jobs and In-Situ learning in the production
  • Wissensmanagement-Tage für Industrie und Produktion 4.0, June 2015, Stuttgart
    M.Schmeja, Head of the Area Information and Process Management at the VIRTUAL VEHICLE, explained the vision of FACTS4WORKERS to the German production and knowledge management community.
  • 3. Zukunftstag der steirischen Wirtschaft - Smart Production & Services, June 2015, Graz
    The experts of the VIRTUAL VEHICLE were invited to present a lecture and a workshop. Topic: Worker Centric Workplaces in Smart Factories.
  • Ö1 radio interview, July 2015
    Project coordinator M. Wifling was interviewed about smart workers and innovation in the course of the project FACTS4WORKERS.
  • Contribution in the magazine WINGbusiness (magazine of the Association of Industrial Engineers)
    "Smart Factories by Smart Workers - People in Focus of industrial 4.0"