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ADVICE: New EU project launched for boosting the acceptance of hybrid vehicles

This April, a consortium of 22 European partners from industry and research met at the VIRTUAL VEHICLE Research Center in Graz to launch a 10 million Euro EU project. The purpose of the project is to reduce both purchase and operating costs of hybrid vehicles. This will help to increase their penetration on consumer markets. Partners, such as Volvo Cars, AVL, SIEMENS, General Motors or Fraunhofer are part of the project’s consortium.

"Advancing User Acceptance of General Purpose Hybrid Vehicles by Improved Cost and Efficiency", or just briefly "ADVICE": The goal of VIRTUAL VEHICLE’s recently started EU project is to reduce the cost of mild, full and plug-in hybrid vehicles. The vision is to increase the market penetration for those types of vehicles, as they have the potential to bridge the gap between traditional combustion engine driven mobility and the fully electrified vehicle approaches.

Minimising Costs on the Long Run

The ADVICE project not only concentrates on minimising productions costs and reducing the purchase price for costumers. The partners also aim to lower the successive operating costs in the long term by efficiency maximization. This includes, for example, novel components harvesting waste energy in the vehicle or high temperature electronics facilitating improved thermal energy use and higher voltage levels. Exploiting external information for eco driving will be part of the efficiency maximization strategy, as well.

The participating experts from VIRTUAL VEHICLE will contribute to the project with their experience in thermal management systems and optimal control.

Presenting Results with Premium Car Demonstrators

At the end of the three year project, the research results will be presented with the help of three vehicle demonstrators of premium-class vehicles:

  • Demonstrator 1 (Volvo Cars): Diesel Hybrid
  • Demonstrator 2 (Maserati): Gasoline Plug-In Hybrid
  • Demonstrator 3 (General Motors): Diesel Mild-Hybrid

Although the main focus of the project is cost reduction, the consortium will also consider topics like performance, driveability, comfort and reduced emissions, as these issues strongly affect consumer acceptance, too.

Multi-disciplinary and International: A Strong Team

The 22 European ADVICE partners coming from industry (e.g. Volvo Cars, AVL, SIEMENS or General Motors) and science (e.g. VIRTUAL VEHICLE or ika Aachen) will push forward the European competence in producing affordable and stable hybrid vehicles in the midterm perspective.
The project is led by Volvo Cars and funded by the EU’s research programme Horizon 2020 with 10 million Euro.