Virtual Vehicle

Internships & Traineeships

Your Chance - Internships at the VIRTUAL VEHICLE 

The VIRTUAL VEHICLE`s offer is valid throughout the entire year.

How can I apply?

An application consists of a résumé and a letter of motivation with the following contents:
- What are you studying?
- What topics are you interested in?
- How long should the internship take?

- Throughout which period of time would you prefer to do you internship?

What should I consider when writing my application?

Please apply via mail at hr(at); your contact partner in the human resources department is Eva Maria Kollegger. The gross month salary for an internship ranges from € 700 to € 1.300, depending on your level of training and professional experience.

Traineeships @ VIRTUAL VEHICLE


With VIRTUAL VEHICLE following scholastic professions are trained:

  • Clerk
  • Accounting clerk
  • IT Technician

Our stars:

Perhaps you will also be a star of Styria soon like our former apprentice in accounting, Nadine Rüscher:

VIRTUAL VEHICLE employee Nadine Rüscher obtains together with her trainer Bernadette Maier the Stars of Styria Award by Mayor Siegfried Nagl.

Top-apprentices are awarded when having passed their final examination with distinction. Nadine Rüscher has completed her training as an accountant in the summer of 2013 and we are delighted that she continues her career at the VIRTUAL VEHICLE.