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Final Theses and Dissertations

Are you close to completing your degree and interested in writing a diploma/master/bachelor thesis with practical relevance? If so, we have several thesis topics that we offer to motivated and dedicated graduands.

We also offer the opportunity to write dissertations about current research topics as part of a job at the VIRTUAL VEHICLE.

If the specific topics listed below are not suitable, we are glad to receive speculative applications, too. Send your application with CV and specification of your particular fields of interest to:

Kompetenzzentrum – Das Virtuelle Fahrzeug Forschungsgesellschaft mbH

Eva Traumüller, MA
Human Resources
Inffeldgasse 21/A
8010 Graz


Most of the following master thesis topics are also suitable for bachelor thesis:



E/E & Software

Contract-based Modelling of Automotive, Dependable Systems

Bachelor-/Master Thesis (Ref. Nr. E_074)more

Advanced Pedestrian Perception

Master Project/Master Thesis (Ref.Nr. E_082)more

Cyber-Security in autonomen Fahrzeugen

Masterarbeit Ref.Nr.E_083more

Future Vehicles as part of the Industrial IoT


Autonomous driving

Project / Bachelor / Diploma / Master's thesis E_070more

SoA for Embedded RealTime Linux

Projekt-/Bachelor-/Diplom-/Masterarbeit Ref.Nr. E_061more

FEM simulation of the thermal runaway of Li-ion batteries

DIPLOMA / MASTER’S THESIS (Ref. Nr. E_050)more